Announcing New & Improved Website

Spring is in the air and after this winter,  I think it’s palpable to all of us!

In the spirit of Spring and new beginnings, we want to introduce you to our new website:

While creating this website, we encountered a number of trials and tribulations.   There was definitely a learning curve between what I wanted to say about divorce and the restructuring of families and its visual, and hopefully meaningful, articulation. I hope that what you now see is responsive – both technically and in terms of its content.

One of the aspects of our new site that I’m most excited about is that we now have the ability in our office to regularly update the site, add content and answer questions you might have. I’m hoping that you will review it, and share with us your ideas, and suggestions for ways you think it can be altered and improved.

If you’d care to peruse and/or comment on the latest blog I had the great pleasure of co-writing with Gene Beresin, M.D., please do: Only One Childhood.

We hope Spring brings you new growth, great health and unexpected adventures.


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